What you need to know about meerschaum pipes ...

How to recognize a (real) meerschaum pipe?

It's very simple: just wet your finger and touch the inside of the bowl (you can also do it with your tongue): if your finger adheres (lightly) to the walls of the bowl, it is real meerschaum. Otherwise it is fake foam (massa), i.e. foam powder mixed with a binder.

How to maintain a meerschaum pipe?

Do not use alcohol or other aggressive liquids.

After each smoking pass some Sopalin paper in the fireplace to eliminate all the residues of the tobacco combustion. Avoid the formation of a base which could cause the foam to burst. If nevertheless a base is formed, delicately scrape it off with very fine sandpaper (300/400) or steel wool (000).

Regularly use a pipe cleaner for the stem and shank.

And above all, avoid all metallic objects for cleaning your pipe.

Why choose a meerschaum pipe?

A unique smoking experience!

It totally preserves the taste of the tobacco without cross over and acts as a natural filter. You can therefore alternate different types of tobacco to test them.

Meerschaum does not burn.

You can smoke it several times a day

But beware!

Meerschaum pipes are very fragile and delicate.

Only carry them in their personalized cases which are proposed to you on the site.

Some wear gloves to smoke them and do not leave fingerprints during the smoking but well .........

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