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You want to buy a quality lighter?

Fumerchic offers you lighters selected for their reliability. All our lighters are of course guaranteed. You will find among them pipe lighters specially designed for pipe lighting. Some of them contain the primary tools to help smoking such as ember cup. Flint lighters or electronic lighters, all are made to last.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 24 items


  • Sarome Lighters
  • Peterson pipe lighters
  • Corona pipe lighters

    Born in 1933 and recognized throughout the world for its manufacturing qualities and its advanced technology, Corona pipe lighter is unanimously appreciated by smokers and more particularly pipe smokers. These lighters are specially designed for pipe lighting thanks to their inclined flame. Designed in noble and resistant materials they are naturally made to last.

    Proof of its know-how, all Corona lighters are guaranteed for 2 years.

  • Tsubota pipe Lighters (Japon)

    Created in Tokio in 1952, Tsubota brand is recognized worldwide for the quality of manufacture of these pipe lighters. Made of steel and brass, they are specially designed for pipe lighting. The two tools necessary to the pipe smokers are inserted in the body of the lighter. Japan manufactures lighters made to be durable.

  • Chacom Pipe Lighters

    Made by Tsubota Pearl for Chacom, these flint lighters are specially designed to light the pipe thanks to their inclined flame avoiding the risk of burning the top of the bowl. The Japanese brand is known for making quality lighters.

  • Rattray's pipe lighters

    Famous Scottish brand in the manufacture of pipes, it also manufactures quality lighters. Rattray's lighters are specially designed for pipe lighting with their adjustable slanted flame. Robust lighters with a flint lighting and "zero impurity" gas refill recommended for optimal performance.

  • MYON lighters


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