Savinelli Pipes

The Savinelli adventure began in Milan in 1876. Almost 150 years later, Savinelli pipes remain a benchmark among pipe smokers the world over. Short, classic or long, bend, arched or straight, Savinelli pipes offer a diversity of models to satisfy every taste.

Discover our range of briarwood pipes, each made in Italy with exceptional craftsmanship. Savinelli pipes are distinguished by their superior quality and elegant design, guaranteeing a refined smoking experience. Whether you prefer a pipe with a traditional shape or a more contemporary model, you'll find a pipe to meet your expectations.

Our Savinelli pipes are not only collector's items, but also instruments of daily pleasure for tobacco lovers. The briar used is carefully selected for its durability and ability to enhance tobacco flavors. What's more, each pipe undergoes rigorous quality controls to ensure total satisfaction.

Whether you're an amateur or a connoisseur, explore our collection to find your ideal pipe. Let yourself be seduced by Italian excellence and enjoy an incomparable smoking experience.

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