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Some foreign brands are masters in the art of making beautiful wooden pipes.

You will find on our site the pipes Savinelli, BigBen, Brebbia, Peterson, l'Anatra, Tsuge, Rattray's, Fiamma di Ré, Savinelli, as many names which knew to impose themselves in the field of the manufacture of pipes, on the international level. We propose you to discover our selection of briar pipes from the most famous foreign manufacturers of the sector! Pipe making is not exclusively reserved to France. Several names have been able to impose themselves in the field of the manufacture of foreign pipes.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 127 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 127 items


  • Peterson Pipes

    Confectioned in Dublin . in the neighborhood of Sallynoggin , Peterson pipes demonstrate the mastering of the Irish when dealing with the fabrication of briar pipes.

    Each pipe model has its own personality and unique character. To smoke a Peterson pipe is to have the satisfaction of holding in your hand the legacy of Charles Peterson, the founder of the brand. The pipes are equipped with the Peterson system, a second hole in the shank leading to a reservoir to collect humidity.  Discover our selection below.

  • Big Ben Pipes

    With their beautiful shapes and perfect finishes, Big Ben smoking pipes should find a certain echo among demanding pipe lovers.

    In spite of their "so british" sound, Big Ben pipes have in fact nothing English since they come from... Holland! And we have to admit that "the other country of cheese" is also the country of pipes! To discover in our selection !

  • Brebbia Pipes

    Brebbia pipes are one of the best and oldest representative brands of the Italian pipe.

    Produced since 1947, and separated from Savinelli in 1956, Brebbia tobacco pipes have the hallmarks of the greatest: perfect bends, beautiful color harmonies and noble materials. Experienced pipe smokers, as well as beginners, will not be mistaken in choosing a Brebbia pipe!

  • L'Anatra Pipes

    Discover the Anatra pipes on FumerChic! Made by hand for an excellent result, these beautiful Italian pipes are the result of the combined talent

    of two great Italian pipers: Massimo Palazzi and Andrea Pascucci. Made from Calabrian Briar (the favorite material of our two artists!), L'Anatra pipes offer a light and refined look that will not leave lovers indifferent. Nothing to say, they are handmade pipes of quality!

  • TSUGE Pipes

    The Japanese Tsuge family has a very good international reputation for many years. The quality of the work is unanimously recognized and appreciated and no doubt that these original pipes will not leave you indifferent!

  • Savinelli Pipes

    The adventure of maison Savinelli began in 1876 in Milan. Almost 150 years later Savinelli pipes are renowned amongst pipe smokers  worldwide .Short , classic  or long, curved or straight it is all up to you in your decision making.

    Discover our range of Savinelli wooden  briar pipes  handcrafted in Italy with precision and knowledge.

  • Fiamma di Re Pipes
  • Rattray's pipes

    Rattray's tobacco pipes are characterized by high quality materials and finish.

    It was in 1903 that Charles Rattray established in Perth, Scotland, what was to become the largest tobacco factory in the British Isles. The factory which started to produce its own pipes is now closed and has been taken over by the German Kohlhase & Kopp.

  • Falcon Pipes
  • Mastro de Paja pipes

    It is a star of the Italian industry that we propose you with the Mastro de Paja pipes.

    Based in Pesarro, Mastro de Paja pipes have a unique design appreciated all over the world by pipe smokers. We rigorously select our pipes in order to offer you a rich and varied range. Conventional or free form, the choice is yours!