Pipes with 9mm filter.

In addition to the main interest of the filter which is precisely to filter the tars and nicotine coming from the combustion of tobacco, the pipes with 9mm filter will allow you to have a softer smoke as well as drier.

You will avoid the phenomenon of "gurgling" which can be common in the beginner smoker. You will find on our site 9mm activated carbon and meerschaum filters. It is important to change the filter after each pipe smoked in order to fully appreciate the flavor of your tobacco.

Another advantage of the 9mm filters is to avoid tingling that can occur on the tongue especially in the learning phase where we do not necessarily control the combustion and therefore the smoking temperature especially with aromatic tobacco.

It should be noted that the vast majority of French pipes are equipped with an adapter allowing smoking with a 9mm filter, with a metal filter or without filter. See our article on how to use the adapter

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