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The choice of a pipe shape is often a question that preoccupies beginner smokers: straight pipe or bent pipe?

There are not only advantages to one shape or another and therefore the choice must be made essentially at the beginning by an encounter with a pipe that seduces you whether it is straight or bent. With use and experience your choices and tastes will evolve and may even go in the opposite direction to your initial tastes, this is common and only your own experience will dictate your next choices.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 245 items


  • Calabash shape pipe

    The term "Calabash" comes from the calabash gourd in which these first pipes were made in the 17th century. The calabash system consists of a cooling chamber which is located under the bowl or possibly in the shank: in this last case one calls it "reverse calabash". The Calabash shape designates a pipe whose bowl is conical with possibly more or less pronounced edges on its top part.

  • Canadian shape pipe

    The Canadian shape is a straight pipe with a round bowl, an oval and elongated shank and a short stem. It is a very popular shape because it is very elegant: the elongated shank provides a slightly smoother and cooler smoke. Canadian pipes are made by all the major brands and are certainly among the favorites of pipe makers.

  • Shape Bent pipe
  • Short pipe

    "Brule-gueule" pipes are by definition short pipes with a very short stem. A short pipe means that the smoke will not have time to cool down much and will therefore arrive hot in the mouth. It is therefore imperative to smoke these pipes calmly, not to stuff the tobacco too much so as not to have to pull too hard. Once these precautions have been taken, they will not burn anything at all and will have the advantage of being easy to carry because of their small size. They will also be very practical for smokers who work and have their hands full.

  • straight pipe
  • Long Pipes, Churchwarden

    Long pipes are also called churchwarden. The long stem makes the smoke softer, a feature that is also popular with ladies. All the pipes we offer are made of briar.  The length of the pipe will also give you a cool smoke and the chance to enjoy all the flavours of the tobacco.

  • Poker shape pipe