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We have selected for you the most beautiful models of French pipes. Chacom, Butz ChoquinCourrieu.

Here are names of manufacturers which will not leave indifferent the pipe smokers. They are the best representatives of the French pipe, made in briar. These models of pipes, made in France, with various shapes and colors have a common point: an exceptional quality of finish made in France! To discover without waiting ! The purchase of a French pipe offers you the possibility of choosing a model with a basic or more artistic shape according to your desires. Indeed, this artisanal knowledge ensures to have a pipe of quality.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 135 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 135 items


  • Chacom pipes

    With Chacom, the pipe is a passion since 1825.

    Made of briar, Chacom pipes follow rigorous manufacturing steps, which ensure them an optimal quality. It is on this concern for a job well done that the reputation of Chacom pipes has been built among pipe lovers. The dynamism of the brand is developing by creating new series of more modern and varied pipes reaching a wider French and foreign public. Who knows it ? Chacom pipes are exported today in more than 40 countries and their success is constantly growing. We offer you several dozens of pipe models, from the traditional to the most original, made in France in Saint Claude in the Jura. And whatever their finishing (carbon, black, ...) all are made in a quality briar for the greatest pleasure of the pipe smoker.

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  • Butz Choquin Pipes

    The quality of Butz Choquin pipes has made the brand one of the most renowned internationally.

    A real reference for pipe smokers looking for quality. And this selection of tobacco pipes will not make them lie! The pipes have different styles so that everyone can find something to their liking. Butz Choquin also offers pipe models for the modest budget. A lower price, but not at the expense of quality!

  • Courrieu Pipes from Cogolin

    It is in Cogolin, a small village in the Var not far from the tumultuous St Tropez that the Courrieu family has been making its own pipes since 1802.

    The pipes are made of local briar from the Maures massif. Of course a drying stage of several years is respected before manufacturing. The price range is very wide and the quality-price ratio is always respected.

  • Bruno Nuttens Pipes
  • Pipes ROPP