Falcon Pipes

Originally from the USA, Falcon pipes are now made in England, and are without doubt the best-selling pipes in the world. 

There are many advantages to these pipes:

They provide a dry, fresh smoke and are excellent smokers.

They are very light and strong, as the stem is made of aluminum.

They're easy to transport, as when disassembled you can take several bowls with you, along with the appropriate pipe(s), all in a space-saving package.

They can be smoked with or without a filter, the humidome is an excellent receptacle for humidity, and they are very easy to maintain.

Last but not least, their manufacture is of the highest quality.

Their shape and the materials used break with the traditional pipe, but once you've taken the plunge, you'll be pleasantly surprised by these Falcon pipes.

Tuyau pour pipe Falcon 28018
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Falcon Pipes

Falcon stem straight 28018

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