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Discover our quality pipes catalog. Heather pipes carefully selected among the famous brands.  Chacom, Butz Choquin Big Ben, Brebbia, Tsuge, l'Anatra, Fiamma di Ré, Rattray's, Falcon, Courrieu, or Peterson  : the best brands built on a unique know-how.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 258 items


  • French pipes

    We have selected for you the most beautiful models of French pipes. Chacom, Butz ChoquinCourrieu.

    Here are names of manufacturers which will not leave indifferent the pipe smokers. They are the best representatives of the French pipe, made in briar. These models of pipes, made in France, with various shapes and colors have a common point: an exceptional quality of finish made in France! To discover without waiting ! The purchase of a French pipe offers you the possibility of choosing a model with a basic or more artistic shape according to your desires. Indeed, this artisanal knowledge ensures to have a pipe of quality.

  • Hand made Pipes

    Handmade pipe" is generally the specificity of pipe makers who make their pipes by the unit.

    Handmade are by definition pipes made without the use of tools, although .... Some tools are still needed, such as drills for drilling the shank, the stem and the bowl. Notable differences with industrial pipes can, depending on the pipe maker, be found in the drilling, the comfort of the mouthpiece and the lens, the mortise - tenon adjustment, the junction of the stem and the shank, etc... But of course each pipe maker will have a degree of finishing more or less advanced which will make its success or not on the market: the prices can be consequent (several thousands of Euros) according to its notoriety. The term "Free-Hand" is also used to designate the "handmade" resulting in an unconventional shape or free form.

  • other pipe makers

    Some foreign brands are masters in the art of making beautiful wooden pipes.

    You will find on our site the pipes Savinelli, BigBen, Brebbia, Peterson, l'Anatra, Tsuge, Rattray's, Fiamma di Ré, Savinelli, as many names which knew to impose themselves in the field of the manufacture of pipes, on the international level. We propose you to discover our selection of briar pipes from the most famous foreign manufacturers of the sector! Pipe making is not exclusively reserved to France. Several names have been able to impose themselves in the field of the manufacture of foreign pipes.

  • Estate restored pipes

    Estate pipes are tobacco pipes that have been used by their previous owner, but they may also never have been smoked.A restoration has been done and the pipes are ready to be smoked again. Disinfection and cleaning is the basic work that has been done.

  • By stem type

    The materials used for the pipe stems are many and varied but today it is the ebonite, the acrylic and the cumberland that predominate.

    The stem and more particularly the mouthpiece is the part of the pipe that will be in contact with the mouth and therefore will transmit the sensations that smoking the pipe provokes. The choice of the material composing the stem is therefore important because it can bring more or less softness but also require more or less maintenance according to the preferences of each one. Here again it is your personal experience that will lead you to make a choice according to your priorities.

  • By Shape

    The choice of a pipe shape is often a question that preoccupies beginner smokers: straight pipe or bent pipe?

    There are not only advantages to one shape or another and therefore the choice must be made essentially at the beginning by an encounter with a pipe that seduces you whether it is straight or bent. With use and experience your choices and tastes will evolve and may even go in the opposite direction to your initial tastes, this is common and only your own experience will dictate your next choices.

  • By finish

    We have classified the finishes of a pipe according to 3 main criteria: smooth pipe, sandblasted pipe, rusticated pipe.

    Each of these finishes will give a different touch but also will bring some technical particularities to your pipe that we will explain you later. Make your own idea and to each one to see the type of finish which is appropriate to him.

  • Pipes with 9mm filter.

    In addition to the main interest of the filter which is precisely to filter the tars and nicotine coming from the combustion of tobacco, the pipes with 9mm filter will allow you to have a softer smoke as well as drier.

    You will avoid the phenomenon of "gurgling" which can be common in the beginner smoker. You will find on our site 9mm activated carbon and meerschaum filters. It is important to change the filter after each pipe smoked in order to fully appreciate the flavor of your tobacco.

    Another advantage of the 9mm filters is to avoid tingling that can occur on the tongue especially in the learning phase where we do not necessarily control the combustion and therefore the smoking temperature especially with aromatic tobacco.

    It should be noted that the vast majority of French pipes are equipped with an adapter allowing smoking with a 9mm filter, with a metal filter or without filter. See our article on how to use the adapter

  • Pipes with metal filter

    These metal filters are the subject of considerable controversy: are they really effective? Do they really filter smoke like activated carbon filters?

    In the opinion of all experienced smokers, these filters serve no other purpose than to create condensation and therefore pipe juice. It must be admitted that they have no filtration efficiency. Created in the 60's, some smokers who smoke for a long time are a bit lost and perplexed when the pipe is not provided with this "zigouigoui" (marketing efficiency). In conclusion we advise to remove it, you will clearly improve the draw of the pipe, but this is only an advice and so it is up to each one to follow it or not.

    The advantage of these "filters" is that they can be reused over and over again, and avoid ending up with ashes or small pieces of tobacco in the mouth: unfortunately in this case, if the draught is obstructed, you will have to wait for the pipe to cool down before you can open it and pass a pipe cleaner inside the shank and stem

  • Pipes without filter

    It is certainly with the pipes without filter that you will be able to fully feel the taste of your tobacco.

    If this choice does not cause any of the problems previously mentioned in the other articles, you will certainly be able to grasp the subtleties of the tobaccos you have chosen. The passage of the pipe bowl even during smoking will be possible without being obliged to dismantle the pipe and it only remains for us to wish you pleasant moments with your pipe.