Falcon briar bowl Apple (meerschaum)

Falcon briar Bulldog Rustic (meerschaum) bowl


Falcon briar bowl

Meerschaum inside, rusticated finish, weight 0.49oz (14g)


This bowl, of small capacity, is adaptable on all the Falcon stems. Very light with the stem, Falcon pipes are very pleasant in the mouth. 

The opinion of Fumerchic:

Very practical: 1 bowl per type of tobacco

Fumerchic's advice:

Pass a cloth after each smoking and avoid the formation of a cake.

Product Details

Bowl height (inch) :
1.30 (33mm)
Width (inch) :
1.46 (37mm)
Chamber Depth (in)
0.71 (18mm)
Inside diameter bowl (inch) :
0.71 (18mm)
Weight (oz) :
0.49 (14g)

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